Red Rock DAO

E-Commerce Investing on the Blockchain

Our Community unlocks the potential of a secure decentralized governance structure represented by ROCS units (or tokens) to fund, scale, and share in the profitability of E-Commerce Brands.

We connect operators, industry experts, and investors through efficient and scalable funding solutions.

What is ROCS Token?

Red Rock DAO utilizes the Aragon platform built on the Ethereum network for voting, governance, and community resolutions. The ROCS token offers investors a secure solution to govern through established protocols and smart contracts. Members have the opportunity to contribute Ether to Red Rock DAO by purchasing units representing ownership in Red Rock DAO (“ROCS Units”).

Our community of experts brings decades of experience in E-Commerce and FBA business acquisitions, restructuring, and scaling. We believe that the DAO structure allows for a more strategic and equitable solution for investors to propose new projects, rally support, and fund business expansion.

  • Aragon DAO Network
  • Whitelist Pre-Signup
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Updated Launch Information
  • Ethereum Network Security
  • Funding Options for Scaling Businesses

Unified Financing Solutions

We’re leading innovative financing solutions to fund brands through decentralized currency and a resourceful community.

Every E-Commerce product-based business owner deals with the struggles of irregular cash flow patterns. They’re caught between forecasting the capital needed for inventory and sustainable business expansion and traditional lending institutions with solutions that weren’t designed for web-based business. Operators are left with a major delta between the need for favorable terms in financing and options from these lending services or p&l-based lending. 

E-commerce business owners are web1 and web2 native and open to non-traditional financing options including cryptocurrency. There is an opportunity in the market to both extend short-term financing options and aggregate a portfolio of E-Commerce and FBA businesses through decentralized currency lending and the purchasing power of a DAO.

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How Proposals are Funded

Once a funding proposal is submitted for a project, the proposal will be submitted to the Red Rock DAO members to decide whether to nominate a project for funding.
If a funding proposal is nominated, Red Rock DAO members will then vote on whether the project will receive financing from Red Rock DAO. If approved by a majority quorum of Red Rock DAO Members, the project will then receive financing in the form of a convertible note. All project financing will be allocated to Red Rock DAO projects in the form of the cryptocurrency ether.

Our expert team and advisory board bring together decades of experience to both evaluate appropriate investments for the DAO and come alongside operators to implement scaling solutions that maximize profitability. Aggregated businesses are overseen by members of the Red Rock DAO board and delegated specific permissions for process-based decision making. The DAO governs all investment decisions and the sale of assets.

Red Rock Roadmap

December 2021
The origin of the Red Rock DAO platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
August 2022
Elaboration of Red Rock DAO platform legal model in various jurisdictions and attorney revisions. Attracting of $ 50,000 (13.099 ETH) seed investment. Development of the cyber protection mechanics. Development of Aragon pilot application for the future platform.
September 2022
Board and Advisors secured for the initial leadership of Red Rock DAO. Development of the Aragon platform mock-up. Technical audit.
November 2022
Attracting of $ 300,000 (78.537 ETH) investment. Red Rock DAO company registration finalization and legal revisions. Board of Directors and Advisors Team Building.
December 2022
Development of a partnership model in the Red Rock DAO ecosystem. Trade inquiries. Agreement with a partner bank. Development of Red Rock DAO API. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 30 partners).
February 2022
NFT Drop to initial unit holders. Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation.
March 2023
Red Rock DAO DApp development. ROCS API link testing. New Red Rocks DAO applications development.
April 2023
The Red Rock DAO board recommends initial portfolio for review and consensus among the DAO. Guilds begin to be established to oversee exploratory proposals, marketing, onboarding, community experience, and relative DAO market trend forecasting.
June 2023
The initial vote to acquire Red Rock DAO's first portfolio of companies. Continuation of an active marketing campaign to attract end-users.
August 2023
The initial sale of companies from the Red Rock DAO portfolio and distribution of profits among token holders.
February 2024
DAO vote on the approval of portfolio additions and expansion of the holding.

Meet the teamOur Launch Team is currently being assembled. Are you interested in joining the startup? Email

Our Advisory BoardRed Rock DAO board of advisors will be announced soon!

Distribution of Tokens

Red Rock DAO will be the record holder of all securities and/or any other rights secured via Red Rock DAO-related investments. Members, acting via a majority vote, will have the right to determine the amount, timing, and form of all distributions related to proceeds from those investments.
Investments contemplated by Red Rock DAO are inherently speculative and are made by Red Rock DAO members or their express designees and agents. The results of Red Rock DAO’s investments will likely vary from period to period, and investments made by Red Rock DAO will involve a high degree of financial and market risk that can result in a complete loss of any member’s contribution to Red Rock DAO.
  • Distributed Among Investment Community

  • 13% Reserved Funding

  • 9% Founders and Team

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Servicing Agent

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